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Re: Free software & money

Postby davephillips » Wed Nov 09, 2016 6:16 pm

FaTony wrote:...When there are no free alternatives, it is a moral duty of any knowledgeable person to remove DRM and put unrestricted version on torrent sites.

Bullshit. This is not FOSS advocacy, this is recommending criminal behaviour.

From the Posting Guidelines here at LM:

5) Respect Copyright. Be very aware of how works you post (audio, scores whatever) are licensed. It goes without saying that violation of licenses won't be tolerated.

You are advocating license violation.

Btw, I've actually met Richard Stallman and conversed with him about copyright and closed-source issues. He does not support your POV. I recall that he advised not using proprietary software even if there was no open-source equivalent, but he certainly did not recommend cracking and pirating closed-source work. If you expect someone to respect your choice of licensing then perhaps you should respect the choices of others.


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Re: Free software & money

Postby tramp » Thu Nov 10, 2016 4:49 am

beck wrote:
FaTony wrote:I would love to write free software for money (...)

Love this contradiction.
If payed for, it ain't free anymore. :mrgreen:

A lot of bullshit is written here in this thread, but this is the most stupid stance over all.
Holy shit man, the Linux Kernel is written mostly by paid developers, now, do you think it isn't free anymore?
And in contradict, do you think it makes a software free, when you didn't have to pay for it? Stupid, I say. :roll:

Currently your best chance to become a paid open source developer is, become a kernel developer, write patches for the linux kernel, wait for a company that becomes aware of you and offer you a payment.
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Re: Free software & money

Postby falkTX » Thu Nov 10, 2016 7:10 am

ok this is too much now.
@FaTony you're banned for 2 weeks.

this topic is locked.

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