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HazySun - relaxed, upbeat, piano, guitar, haze

Posted: Sun Apr 14, 2019 7:52 pm
by jonetsu
This one is upbeat while being relaxed and rather light. Mostly based around a piano improv. While the guitar is decidedly improvised, its tracking being "as is".

Comments welcomed.


Re: HazySun - relaxed, upbeat, piano, guitar, haze

Posted: Tue Apr 16, 2019 3:36 am
by milo
A nice improv. Maybe needs a bit more glue to hold the themes together, but I like it. My favorite parts: 1) At about 1:30 where the guitar and piano drop out and a new synth sound comes in. This is a really nice moment. 2) The groove you get into between about 3:45 and 4:15 is a good place, and the way you build up the sound at about 4:00 is really nice.

Not sure if I'm brave enough to post an improv recording. Hats off to you!

Re: HazySun - relaxed, upbeat, piano, guitar, haze

Posted: Tue Apr 16, 2019 2:27 pm
by GMaq

I get that it's an improv so no 'on-grid' quantizing magic happening..

That said it's a little too loose for me, the drums are laying down such a tight happy jazzy groove that they kind of demand at least the rhythm section as a whole to be locked in, the bass is not always locking in and I find the tone of the bass to be 'honky' and not really fitting in with the very organic drum and piano sounds, I'm hearing a double or fretless bass to meld with the jazzy drums. I like the implied half-time and the simple lazy melody of the piano but it also is not syncopated with the drums and sounds like it's disjointed, almost like it was copied and pasted out of a different arrangement at a slightly different BPM. I agree with milo there are some nice moments and textures with the synths and blends of sounds throughout though.

jonetsu you know I'm a fan so please take these comments constructively, a nice sketch. I'd like to see it tightened up and further developed as a finished song.

Re: HazySun - relaxed, upbeat, piano, guitar, haze

Posted: Wed Apr 17, 2019 1:39 pm
by jonetsu
@milo: Those are also my favorite sections. I specifically like how the synth appears as if standing on its own right in the middle of the stereo range to underline to harmonic modulation at 4:04 (more apparent with headphones).

@GMaq: First of all I have to say that I like a lot when different parts are seemingly going each on their own while playing to the same BPM. I got that a long time ago from playing congas and it stuck with me as if all those lines are working together on their own to produce an ensemble. I don't think it can be termed as polyrhythm. It's more like all the instruments observing a hidden guiding light, based on the BPM, each instrument keeping its individuality in its stance. This said I'm also becoming aware that at times it's also beneficial to all stomp! on a high or low beat, all together.

So far I'm pretty sure the bass is not off regarding the drums. Hits are happening at the same, although I'll check it out. What I see I can be doing is to modify the bass part so that for the listener some of the bass drum hits are also in accord with bass notes (compressor ducking included). This could benefit the piece. The sound of the bass itself I think is my favorite Jaco P. bass Sakura sound.

The guitar sound on the other hand I find can get some improvement. As well as the playing.

Thanks for the comments it might give ideas to make the piece a bit more "packaged" so to speak.