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focusrite scarlett solo questions

Posted: Sun Mar 10, 2019 6:15 pm
by vasili
Hi all,

i am a totally unexperienced digital audio user, and i'd like to understand better a few things.

So i thought that starting with an external audio controller was a good idea, so i bought a scarlett solo. I'm using avlinux atm, and the hardware
worked out of the box. However, when i started to use all the software equipment useful to make music on linux, some things didn't work as i expected.
My questions are:

1. is it possible to use jack and scarlett solo WITHOUT pulseaudio? killing the daemon just got me to no audio output, and i think this isn't normal;
2. i think that the problem above might be related to no mixer software for the scarlett solo hardware. I mean, when i switch to scarlett's card controls
on alsamixer i can't see useful settings available.

If you need i can give any lspci lsusb or any other output.