ardour / VST / Livemixers in KXStudio

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ardour / VST / Livemixers in KXStudio

Postby retnev » Sat Mar 25, 2017 4:53 am

It seems that KXStudio finally made Linux very viable for sound production.
I am plonking along with windows, but since windows 8 things are going south fast and i get less and less daylight, with all sorts of compatibility and backwards compatibility problems. It seems as if windows users will have to run windows 7 and 8,10 concurrently to be able to handle the win 8+ problems. I would like to make a hard switch to Linux, but I have questions. (I am a long term linux user but not for production)

1) Is there any way to use all my Windows VST plugins in ardour? The manual is not clear on this...Or .. Is it going to be a buggy wine-job.

2) Compared to e.g. Steinberg Cubase or Presonus Studio-1 how do you compare the Ardour/KXStudio experience. any users having used both ?

3) Is there any Live Mixers available for KXStudio similar to the Software that comes with Presonus Audiobox 1818VSL.
The Studio software mixer that comes with the Audiobox is really excellent, but it is so buggy that I could hardly use it properly the last 3 years.
It is extremely sensitive to versions and builds of windows with same service pack and will work on some pcs and some not for no apparent reason. Verry amateurishly written software by someone obviously knowing nothing about hardware. It clearly has a memory leak which shows an amateur wrote it.
The VST's and the general idea though is awesome. So, any equivalent? Presonus support is nonexisting therefore Linux is the better option for their devices for me as I know where I stand.
To give a hint of use, the Live mixer is used with the audiobox as a live stage mixer and is absolutely great for live stage performances and recordings.
If not done yet in Linux...That would be a great project.

4) What is your experience using firewire audio-in devices with KXstudio - painful ? I think along the lines of Firebox and Steinberg which I have too.
Firewire gave me the least trouble on Windows by far. Apple had that idea right.

5) Did I read right that KXStudio now has an almost random connect patchbay for Jack controlled IO ? If so, someone is very clever around here as that was what always scared me away from the linux Sound Distros. Anybody care to elaborate how extensive and arbitrary signals can be routed in the current KXStudio.?


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Re: ardour / VST / Livemixers in KXStudio

Postby glowrak guy » Sat Mar 25, 2017 9:39 pm

Hi, and welcome to the forum! There are a lot of good options for you.

Mixbus 4.0 is like the commercial big brother to Ardour, and the linux version
works well for hosting linux native plugins, mixing/mastering etc
and it's only $79 when not on sale, and I think the Ardour devs get a slice
of the $pie$ You also get a windows and mac licenses in the deal.

Reaper now has a linux version that is working well, and the windows version
runs well in wine, and there is audio production progress at wine HQ,
such that using the latest 'wine staging' 2.4 allows use of current Kontakt 5.6,
by adding a single .dll, instead of 5 or 6.

There is also a new vst-bridge being developed and showing great promise.
There is also airwave, a vst bridge that has worked well for many users.

The linux version of Bitwig is quite a pleasure to use, and linux Traction
gets better with every release, still some rough edges, from what I read.

A reliable quality hardware interface is the Native Instruments 'Komplete 6'
a high qualiiity durable usb interface. And there are quite a few others brands
and models used by various members.

I'd start with the Mixbus, Reaper and Bitwig demos, the newest wine version
you can muster, google search wineasio and go from there...not a byte-sized task,
but well worth the long-term results.

a great resource is
lots of tutorials to get through common issues.

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Re: ardour / VST / Livemixers in KXStudio

Postby alessandro » Sun Mar 26, 2017 8:05 am

hello Retnev ,
to the point "4" are 8 years use kxstudio with Firewire option (from 8.04). The only problem I had was the compatibility of the firewire chipset computer (old laptop HP i7) which had a richo chip. I solved by adding an external card with TEXAS INSTRUMENTS chip, since the system is stable as a rock. I have an old 66 Ediroll that still works very well, in view of a change computers I already bought an external card with chip texas instr. to add firewire ports on the future of the next PC motherboard.

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Re: ardour / VST / Livemixers in KXStudio

Postby retnev » Fri Nov 30, 2018 3:16 am

glowrak guy
After about a year looking at your post again it was very good advice.
I could never figure out what mixbus was that you talked about until recently.
It should have rang a bell as I now see it is a Harrison Desk in Daw form.
That is just the ticket. Just what I have been looking for.
Pity I did not pick up back then from your post that it was Harrison.

Windows bit me so bad recently I have to go to a more stable operating system and Harrison will definately be the best shot.
Now I only have to figure out how jack works.

Thanks - belatetly.

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