idjc in kubuntu16.04

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idjc in kubuntu16.04

Postby JohanvdS » Thu May 11, 2017 5:50 am

I am installed kubuntu 16.04 but cannot use IDJC because the mp3 will not start, some are starting when i push the mp3 a bit. The developer of IDJC is aware of this ( I am using kxstudio repertories because I could not install Kxstudio because of raid possibilities on my pc) I tried to manual install IDJC from the source, but have still the same problem.
Now is my idea, why is there not a group who is helping each other in development. IDJC I believe need this now because he is the only developer who made this software and is not have the time to develop in a better way.
I am using IDJC for many years because I have an internet radio station and because of lack of development I must use now Mixxx. Mixxx is ok, but is not build for broadcasting in a way I like to do.

maybe we can help IDJC for better performance !!!!!

greetings to all


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