no splash screen (plymouth) in Ubuntu Studio with dual boot

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no splash screen (plymouth) in Ubuntu Studio with dual boot

Postby sprock » Thu May 02, 2019 11:05 am

I have installed Ubuntu Studio 18.04 + Backports-PPA next to an existing Ubuntu 16.04 on one notebook (with UEFI) as dual-boot.

The installation of UbuntuStudio I have done with

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$ ubiquity -b

so that it didn't generate a bootloader.

After doing a sudo update-grub in the main system (Ubuntu 16.04) the new Ubuntu Studio showed up and booted without problem except for one thing (that is not critically important but it bugs me):

There is no splash screen (plymouth) showing when I boot or shutdown Ubuntu Studio; just the string of boot messages is running down the screen. (The main Ubuntu on that machine still shows it's splash screen.)

Does anyone know how to get plymouth running in this situation?

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