Dual Cards (on KXStudio)

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Dual Cards (on KXStudio)

Postby SpeakerToMeat » Wed Jul 05, 2017 10:18 pm

Greetings peeps. New member, I'll be acting mostly as in house tech for the musician/producer in the family.

Installed a Ubuntu Studio (gnome) for the partner, and then made it into a KXStudio (still gnome...) to try and get some stuff working. Trouble right now is we have and want to use two sound interfaces, an M-Audio ProFire 2626 firewire interface for recording and production, and the motherboard's Intel PCH compatible interface for general system sounds (videos, web, music, etc).

I've configured jack to work with the firewire driver and it detects and uses the ProFire perfectly (it was failing to work at all with non-root on plain Ubuntu Studio though it worked with root and ffado did recognize it well). Of course that means I'm using firewire hardware with jack not alsa drivers.

I wonder what my options are. Not knowing jack deeply other than being aware of its existence and playing around with it lightly for the last 5 years or so, IDK which of these are real possibilities but...

A) Set up a dual profile for jack, using both the alsa backend and the firewire backend, and determining the interface X on alsa backend as the default out interface so the alsa->Pulse->Jack bridge uses it.

If this is the right solution, how do I go about setting a two-backend jack? I'm not worried on doing so by config file or worse, of course this means breaking Cadence, and maybe Catia and/or Claudia.

B) Leaving Jack to use the firewire and use it on all programs that support it (we're testing mainly Harrison Mixbus right now, there's of course ardour and all the others) and trying to set alsa to work Alsa->Pulse ignoring Jack at all (no bridge to jack in pulse), so the "system apps" (non audio production apps) use that. This could be feasible, it won't let me try something I want to try which is combine an alsa-managed usb midi interface (OM-3) and the firewire interface's midi ports in a single jack patchbay but that's not really required right now so....

If I'm to do this, I need a little help, as alsa recognizes the hardware (aplay -L for example), but Pulse doesn't see it (in system settings, I've not tried delving too deep into pactl right now), so I can't set it as the output and I wonder what I need to do on the side of alsa or pulse to make pulse recognize the alsa modules/devs for the device.

Thanks for any feedback or ideas.

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