Useful tips when using Cadence to control the Jack server

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Useful tips when using Cadence to control the Jack server

Postby thetotalchaos » Sun Nov 12, 2017 6:54 pm

There is an issue i am experiencing, when i install and use Cadence to control the Jack server.
It creates a virtual alsa-loop device, which often claims to be the default audio device.
My solution (that i think should be somehow implemented by default), is to make a script that makes my hardware soundcard to be my top device.
So i create a file: /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf that contains this lines.

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options snd_aloop index=-2
options snd_usb_audio index=-2

The devices may vary depending of your hardware, but the idea is that i move the alsa-loop and usb-audio (my MIDI Keyboard) at the bottom of the audio devices list.
Another issue appears, because i use Gnome and SystemD. They have a pulseaudio.socket that launches the pulseaudio server before Cadence starts the Jack server. In this case i have another solution. I disable the pulseaudio socket, thus leaving Cadence to be in control.
To disable pulseaudio.socket, i make a folder ~/.config/systemd/user/ and then run the following:

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systemctl --user mask pulseaudio.socket

I hope this can help making your Linux Audio experience a little bit smoother. :)
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