What music did your parents play in the car at home etc?

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Re: What music did your parents play in the car at home etc?

Postby Veerstryngh Thynner » Wed Sep 06, 2017 12:13 am

G-Maq wrote: Those of us experiencing the lukewarm reheated 1960's through volume after volume of revisionist history really will never know what it was really like to directly experience those kind of positive and progressive changes,

True. Take Paul McCartney's Yesterday, for example: total cliché today. But what a sensation that was, upon first release!

Classical music and 'beat' music, as the European offspring of American R&R was then called, strictly segregated. The former regarded as 'eternal', the latter as merely vulgar, generally. A bunch of soon to be forgotten one-trick ponies, rather, making just a lot of horrid noise. Class snobbery, too, not alien to that stance, I suspect.

But then a young bloke, in his early twenties, enters the fringe and has the temerity to add a classical string quartet to some "ordinary" pop song! Oh, the shock! Oh the horror!

Looking at that classic now, even as picked to the bone as it is, this must be inconceivable, I imagine, to the young(ish) of today. But I remember it very well.

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