Falling in love with eighth note triplet subdivision...

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Falling in love with eighth note triplet subdivision...

Postby studio32 » Thu Sep 18, 2008 8:50 am

Here you can find a lilypond score of 'Verliefd worden' of E.P. I made it to learn lilypond and to learn how eight note triplet subdivision works... so I also made the drums, which you shouln't take to seriously (you may want to make a great drum part for the song and show it to us! :) )...

by the way, great song for an brass or orchestra arrangement !?! (try to play it with some brass and trumpet sounds ;) )

Here is some good information about those triplets:
http://www.studybass.com/lessons/rhythm ... bdivision/

Maybe you can find here some info about it too:

Here is the song. I think its free to show it because E.P. died more then 20 years ago... (?)

EDIT: mm the law in at least Canada says '50 year', I thought it was 20.. mmh but this score is for analyses (the triplets) and to learn lilypond....
http://draft.wikilily.org/wiki/index.ph ... n_verliefd

comments and suggestions are appreciated!

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