Not new to Linux and music, but new here

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Not new to Linux and music, but new here

Postby Kdawson » Tue Nov 13, 2018 5:42 pm

Greetings all,

I'm a multi-instrumentalist who grew up studying classical piano who plays the organ, piano, synth, guitar, bass, steel guitar (resonator), and a host of folk instruments like the mouth harp and the mountain dulcimer. I used to play professionally about 17 years ago, but I have kids and now I keep it quiet(er). I spend most of my time listening to my guitar through Sony MDR-7506 cans instead of damaging my hearing by cranking it up.

I built a recording studio in a separate building in 2009, with heat and A.C., but we have very strong storms here in Kansas and the roofing got ripped in one such storm. I have water damage to a piece of wall and the ceiling (acoustic tiles) needs to be replaced but my instruments miraculously survived unharmed.

I used to use an M-Audio 1010LT to record in Ubuntu, but these days I'm not recording a band and I have a digital Tascam 8 track for quick sessions and field recording. I'm also getting into video and using FOSS to do post production. My setup is currently an AMD FX based workstation with a Behringer 4 bus mixer with the Tascam 008 on the side to import field audio, a Behringer U-PHORIA UMC 202HD transport, a PreSonus Bluetube 2 channel mic pre for my condenser mics (One CAD I have had for years and another no name that will probably be swapped for an Audio-Technica 2020) as I have accepted that I can't record analog without building onto the house and moving in reel recorders and vacuum tube everything but I have that and an ART Tube MP and am upgrading to their 4 channel headphone amp soon.

I use Ardour a lot, Audacity when I'm just needing to dump source audio, and while I have both a fully capable MIDI controller (M-Audio Keyrig and Alesis QS8.2) and a ton of synth emulators I haven't wired it up as I used a 7 port USB3.0 card to isolate my audio gear (it lowers the noise floor a bit, less to cancel later) and I need to go buy a Roland cable to hook it up to the Alesis (the M-Audio does USB) and see if I can get a decent emulation of a Hammond or other organs as I sold my 1949 Hammond M101 and the Hammond I have is too heavy to move about. Emulation means fewer hernias.

Anyhow, that's me. I play everything from acoustic rock to harder rock, folk, roots rock, and jazz and blues. Not a genre I truly dislike, although I'll let the guys with flow do the rap because I'm pushing 40 and I need to pick a style and explore it. I have a Roland drum machine and synth sounds but I'm going to sound like a dumb white guy trying to sound cool. :lol:

Glad to be here.

Kevin in KS

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Re: Not new to Linux and music, but new here

Postby CrocoDuck » Tue Nov 13, 2018 8:09 pm

Nice story! And welcome!
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Re: Not new to Linux and music, but new here

Postby bluebell » Wed Nov 14, 2018 12:29 pm

You use a USB hub to lower the noise? That sounds strange to me. Do you mean noise coming from ground loops?
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