Public listing of elite forum?

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glowrak guy
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Public listing of elite forum?

Postby glowrak guy » Mon Apr 16, 2018 6:06 am

If you're going to have a private elite forum area, I suggest you don't present it
in the public areas of the forum. If some conversations are deemed top secret,
that's the forum owners business, but it seems to fly in the face
of 'open', a term oft associated with linux. There already exists PM capability here,
when privacy is desired.

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Re: Public listing of elite forum?

Postby falkTX » Mon Apr 16, 2018 7:10 am

Really? you don't have better stuff to do than this?

sigh... there is no "elite" BS here, just a misconfiguration somewhere, that has not been spotted by the admins.
The admin panel runs quite slow and is a general PITA to go through, so many options hidden behind other options...

I guess you just wanted to provoke a response, and there you have it.
But I am also locking this topic too.

If something is not open where it should be, let others know in a less sarcastic shitty way.
Speaking for myself, I have a lot of other stuff to deal with on a daily basis besides this forum.
There is already quite some time spent on managing new users and spam, I do it because I want to, and will keep doing it till I can't anymore.
Stop being a prick.

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