Tascam US1800. any way to get it working?

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Re: Tascam US1800. any way to get it working?

Postby allan » Sun Nov 11, 2012 1:58 pm

ive not given up on this, i just have my hands full with an 8 week old boy and my other commitments. i should be free from mid january to have a tinker.
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Re: Tascam US1800. any way to get it working?

Postby oisuxx » Sat Mar 02, 2013 4:08 am

is there any update on this? i actually have this unit, i HAD windows, but then it crashed on me...i installed xubuntu to save space and resources, and would love to get this tascam working with linux.
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Re: Tascam US1800. any way to get it working?

Postby randall » Mon Aug 12, 2013 1:29 pm

We have the Tascam US1800 in our rehearsal room... I didnt like the windows-based system we had to use to do our last recordings and would appreciate alsa/jack support for that device

(the scarlett focusrite 2i2 i'm currently using is lacking hardware inputs :( )
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Re: Tascam US1800. any way to get it working?

Postby Broomy » Tue Sep 10, 2013 6:46 pm

Did anyone allready succeed in getting the Tascam to work?
Or one of the other versions (US800 or 2000)?
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Re: Tascam US1800. any way to get it working?

Postby Havoc » Sun Dec 29, 2013 1:29 pm

Sorry to bump this up, but is there any new data on this? I was looking for a Scarlett but have been offered a second hand US2000. Not much on the net about it either.
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Re: Tascam US1800. any way to get it working?

Postby allan » Sat Feb 15, 2014 1:18 am

No new information, i got snowed under by life, and went on to W7, i can achieve very good latency, inaudible, but i cant tell you exactly how little as tascam and Reaper dont seem to agree on how little.
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Re: Tascam US1800. any way to get it working?

Postby magyar666 » Mon Feb 17, 2014 9:26 pm

I had a client that bought one of these, and I found out a few things:
The OTHER Tascam USB driver, usbusx2y, expects to see vendor ID the US1640/1800/2000/200/600 doesn't send -- newer units send vendor ID for TEAC, not Tascam (or the other way around, I have it all written down somewhere).
Parts of the command set TEAC lists as proprietary, i.e., nonstandard. But it is not an in-house product. Apparently the drivers now available and internal firmware are product of a software house in Germany.
(Again, I have it written down somewhere.) Software for the 1640, 600 & 2000 all reference other USB products that I believe use the same family of Atmel MCUs found in the US1800, so there appears to be a common library involved. I have noticed there has been progress with these other products as to Linux functionality. The Atrmel chip used in the us1800 appears to be the only (or nearly only) member of its family that does NOT have USB capability built-in.
All USA US1800s have been shipped with the latest firmware version. This is NOT true for the Japan market -- there is (was) a firmware updater for early v.1.0 domestic units on tascam.co.jp. I have a copy of this file, and assume it has an image of the present firmware on it. I am not an Atmel programmer. A gentleman in Japan appears to be the maintainer of the usbusx2y files. Is this data of any use to anyone? Who do I send it to?
I'd be glad to run data logging reports on the USB port as this thing communicates in Windows, although the MS logger function does truncate some of the traffic...
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Re: Tascam US1800. any way to get it working?

Postby csabasulyok » Fri Jun 20, 2014 4:27 pm

Is there anyone who got it working until now?
I also have a US-1800, and want to use it with my Mint 17. I'd be happy to help out if any programming is necessary, but I'd need some help, since I'm more of a Java/Python dev...
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Re: Tascam US1800. any way to get it working?

Postby ptaggart » Sat Sep 06, 2014 3:56 pm

I've made some progress reverse engineering the streams for the US-1800. I've found that the inbound Isochronous stream is only a clock pulse not the audio input stream. The audio is supplied by the bulk endpoint (0x86) and uses a strange encoding. The bulk stream includes 2048 samples of 64 bytes each. The 64 byte samples are split in half with 32 bytes for the odd channels (1-15) and 32 bytes for the odd channels (2-16). The groups of 8 channels are interleaved in 24 bytes on the bit level (the first byte has the high order bit for each of the 8 channels) followed by 8 bytes of padding (zeros).

Translates to:
Mic 1 000011 Mic 3 000014 Mic 5 ffffff Mic 7 00005f Inst 9 ffff85 Line 11 000017 Line 13 000005 Digital L 01108b
Mic 2 000002 Mic 4 ffff2b Mic 6 ff7578 Mic 8 ffffe4 Inst10 fffffb Line12 ffffa2 Line 14 ffffff Digital R 01108b
Note: For this example, only Mic 6 had input.

At both a sample rate of 44.1khz and 48khz the ISOC endpoint sent 1 3 byte packet per millisecond. The number of packets per URB frame changed some during my sampling but the timing per packet (not URB) remained constant. The first packet in each URB frame had the number of samples per cycle listed 3 times (44 and sometimes 45 for 44.1khz and 48 for 48khz) the other packets in the frame were zeros. I don't know the significance of the placement of the three cycle counts since there were more than 3 packets in a frame and sometimes the value at 44.1khz was: 0x2c2c2c, 0x2d2c2c, 0x2c2d2c, or 0x2c2c2d. I haven't captured at 88.1khz or 96khz yet to verify functionality hat the higher speed yet.

I don't see any examples in ALSA using bulk transfer for audio (only for MIDI) so I'm a bit stuck on how to proceed. Any input would be helpful.

I've had limited success with sending output to the US-1800 using the standard USB driver. I get sound but I also get a pulse of distortion every 5 seconds. I believe its because the US-1800 wants to drive the clock but I've gotten distracted by the input stream. I will send the configuration once I work out the problem.
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